My Story

Hi, my name is Fabienne!

Fabienne, the author of Darling Wanderer, dressed in a red dress in a rye field, smiling.

To put it very short: I’m a 20-something Swiss blogger, content creator and social media manager based in Zurich with a burning passion for traveling the world and experiencing new cultures through my lense.

But there’s more to my story if you have a little time… 

My love for traveling and exploring was probably planted in me by my parents, who were (and still are!) avid travel bugs themselves. Since I can remember, they took me along on holidays all over the world. Countries like Turkey, the United States and Thailand made me fall in love with different cultures at a young age.

Since I was little I also loved creating mementos from my travels through a camera. There’s still some hilariously bad videos of 11-year old me filming a fictional survival TV-show on an island in the Maldives to this day. So naturally, when I finally got my very first, own camera (a sturdy Nikon) – everything fell in place for me. 

Since then I’ve roamed the planet and explored wild Kenya on fascinating Safari trips, walked the windy streets of San Francisco with the Beatles in my ears and sought out tiny wild beaches in Thailand’s. Always by my side? My trusty camera of course! 

Being able to live out my creative juices and combining it with what I love most – to travel – seemed like an obvious decision. Thus, The Darling Wanderer was born. 

All I want to do is learn, grow and tell stories – my stories. I’m very happy you have decided to join me on my journey, sharing part of it through reading my tales or following me on social media. 

Welcome aboard! Glad you’re tagging along. 🙂

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